Custom Software Application Development

Consult – Analyse – Design – Develop – Test – Train – Deploy – Maintain

We follow a very flexible approach that can easily adjust to any environment that suits the client. Our main motive is total flexibility to clients – we can work on a fixed or ad-hoc quotation method. We plan ahead of your project and our comprehensive consultancy ensures that every single aspect of the project is disclosed thoroughly before sign-off. We offer our services for the analysis, design, development, test, deployment, training, operational procedures, documentation & support area for each individual project. Our project managers follow a thorough work plan ascertaining the on time delivery and within budget working of your project.

For existing projects we can link our potential client’s site to our development centre via a secure VPN, this is where our developers can work directly with your supervision. It’s just like having the staff on-site, working with you but in a much more cost effective and convenient way. Our approach has the potential to save you hundreds of thousands in costs whilst also providing you with complete peace of mind.


Areas of expertise

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ActiveX, ASP Broadvision, CGI, Cold Fusion, CSS, DHTML, E-commerce Platforms, EDI, Electronic Payment, HTML, IIS, Java, Perl, Security, VBScript, Visual J++, VRML, Web Master / Developer, Web Servers, WebSphere, XML/XSLT, PhP.


Database Systems

Access, SQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Capacity Planning, Database Administrator, DB2, FileMaker, Fox Pro, Informix, Oracle, Progress, MySQL.


Windows Development

Access, ActiveX, C/C++, C#, COM/DCOM, COOL:Gen,, CORBA, Crystal Reports, Delphi, Developer/ Designer, DNA, GUI, Java, MSCD, MFC/ATL, OLAP, OO, PowerBuilder, Pro C, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, .NET

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