iPOS™ is a highly flexible and customizable point of sale system designed to meet the needs of any sized business. It is super easy to use, packed with a full suite of features for both hospitality and retail businesses. iPOS™ is extremely robust and reliable, while remaining fast and easy to learn for both operators and managers.

iPOS™ is not just powerful; it includes all the advanced features you need to handle modern-day business transactions. From inventory control to price management and from invoice generation to reports, all these tasks can be performed using our point of sale system. With iPOS™, we have ensured that businesses are always on top of their business.

Whether you are a small retail business or a multi-store business with more complex needs, iPOS™ has a fully scalable solution to fit your needs and budget. iPOS™ scalability solutions enables growth for your business while centralizing control of the daily tasks that cost time and money. iPOS™ connects all the stores and warehouses together making your business operate smarter and faster giving you the flexibility you require to succeed and expand.

Replace your old-fashioned cash registers with smart, connected, and modern iPOS™ systems!