Insurance Software, Insurance Policy Administration, and Management System

ITSec proudly offers you iPams, the insurance policy administration system. This insurance software is specifically designed to streamline your relationship with the insurance policyholder.

How does it help? It reduces your data handling costs and saves your time and effort required in responding to market opportunities. We have the regulatory experience and business needs to cover the entire policy management cycle starting from the prospect through to the underwriting service to the premium collection, authorisation and payment of claims and exit.

What does iPams include?

  • Built-in document management system
  • Broker management system
  • General ledger system

iPams is unique in its class utilising a browser-based application giving you ease of installation and maintenance. This methodology is specifically designed to reduce risk and improve the solution delivery. It is an evolutionary approach replacing legacy applications and technology. iPams offers you straight-thru processing capabilities to enable reduction in human intervention within organizations and to deal with volumes of business in a shorter time.

iPams caters for the following products:

  • Tax-free Saving Plans
  • Healthcare for Expats
  • Income Protection
  • Cash Plans
  • Travel Cover
  • Accident Protection
  • Bespoke Product Creation

Product Creation:

iPams is a simple solution to product creation and management. The standard controls of iPams allow companies to build and launch new products and to choose from the various options available.


Claim Management:

This product allows you to register and administer all your claims against a policy. A workflow system manages the process, making sure that all the claims are efficiently handled. The claim management module helps in benefits payment, fraud management, and premium collections.


Premium Collection:

iPams supports all major premium collection methods such as payroll, cheque, direct debit, cash, standing order and credit cards. Today’s CFO prefers iPams for its automatic premium collection, reconciliation features and posting.


Customer Management:

This module makes it easy and convenient to manage the user accounts in the real-time environment. Customer management maintains the employment and income details, personal details, and bank account details, marketing communication preferences, nominees, assignees, trustees and power of attorney. The entire changes are audited before and after execution making the customer management module exclusive.


Correspondence with Compliance:

The compliance correspondence module centralizes the entire correspondence repository and is related to the compliance module. The module approves and monitors the content of the entire correspondence to make sure that it is compliant and competitive.


Partner Management & Commission Payouts:

For effective collaboration with external partners iPams offers an integrated module based on two sections; one for brokers and the other for re-assurers.

Broker –iPams has a management section solely dedicated to the broker administration. A full portfolio is maintained which keeps track of the business and the financial information.

Reassurance –iPams maintains the database of registered and preferred re-assurors. Every company is evaluated and given an appropriate scoring.

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